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Авторизация қилиш Рўйхатдан ўтиш

On census

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Purpose of this Law

Article 2. Legislation on the census

Article 3. Basic concepts

Article 4. The main purpose of the census

Article 5. The main tasks of the census

Article 6. Basic principles of the census

Article 7. The principle of periodicity

Article 8. The principle of universality and simultaneity

Article 9. The principle of individuality of registration

Article 10. The principle of confidentiality of personal data

Article 11. The principle of centralization of census management

Chapter 2. Census regulation

Article 12. State regulation in the field of the census

Article 13. The powers of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of the census

Article 14. Republican Commission for assistance in the census of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Article 15. Specially authorized state body in the field of the census

Article 16. Powers of local government bodies in the field of the census

Article 17. Participation of ministries, state committees and departments in the census

Article 18. Participation of citizens' self-government bodies, non-governmental non-commercial organizations and the mass media in the census

Chapter 3. Rights and obligations of respondents and the census staff

Article 19. Rights and obligations of respondents

Article 20. Rights and obligations of the census staff

Chapter 4. Conducting the census

Article 21. The Census program

Article 22. Trial census

Article 23. The procedure for collecting personal data

Article 24. Collection of personal data in relation to certain categories of the population

Article 25. Final census data

Article 26. Financing the preparation and conducting events for the census

Chapter 5. Final provisions

Article 27. Dispute resolution

Article 28. Responsibility for violation of legislation on the census

Article 29. Ensuring the execution, dissemination, clarification of the essence and significance of this Law

Article 30. Bringing legislation in accordance with this Law

Article 31. The entry into force of this Law

Act on the state 17.03.2020
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