Tizimning ushbu imkoniyatidan foydalanish uchun Siz avtorizatsiya qilinishingiz kerak!
Ro‘yxatdan o‘tishni xohlaysizmi? Yoki tizimga o‘z loginingiz bilan kirasizmi?

Avtorizatsiya qilish Ro‘yxatdan o‘tish

The issue of compliance of the initiative to withdraw a land plot with public needs, provided for in Article 4 of this Law, and the rationality of the expected costs associated with the withdrawal of a land plot, shall be preliminary considered at the next open meeting of the Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, local Kengash, convened after the submission of substantiating materials.
The standards for assessing the amount of compensation specified in part one of this Article shall be established by the State Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Compensation shall be provided in the manner prescribed by Article 8 of this Law, from the funds of the relevant centralized fund and other sources not prohibited by legislation.
Assessment of objects of immovable property subject to demolition, including perennial plantings, as well as rights to a withdrawn land plot, shall be carried out after a decision is adopted to withdraw a land plot in the manner prescribed by Article 21 of this Law, and before an agreement is concluded. In this case, the value of objects of immovable property, as well as the rights to the withdrawn land plot, shall be determined by the appraisal organization as of the moment before the start of the procedures for withdrawing the land plot or until the impact of the notice of withdrawal of the land plot on the value of the object of immovable property, as well as the rights to the withdrawn land plot.
If, prior to the entry into force of this Law, a decision to withdraw a land plot was adopted in accordance with the procedure provided for in part one of Article 37 of the Land Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, then in relation to these land plots, when resolving issues related to the conclusion of an agreement, the provision of compensation, the assessment of immovable property object which is subject to demolition and rights to the withdrawn land plot, demolition of immovable property, the procedures provided for in Articles 22 — 32 of this Law shall be apply.

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